The Pharmaceutical company Ardelyx had requested an exploration of an unbranded campaign that would draw attention to the role excess phosphate plays in various health issues such as vascular calcification, cardiovascular disease, etc... This concept developed from a sketch shows how excess phosphate is a systemic issue that strangles the Kidney's ability to function and regulate health within the body. 



ROUND 1: The initial sketch shows a Kidney overcome by phosphate, effectively turning it into a monster that wreaks havoc on the body. 


ROUND 2: The direction for the next round was to show the Kidney as a victim of excess phosphate instead of a monster. This sketch shows the kidney bound by ropes which represent phosphate, affecting its health and the health of the body. At this point, the sketch was ready to send to a team for 3D rendering. 

KidneySketch3 copy

ROUND 3: The first round of rendering wasn't quite hitting the mark so it was sent back to the rendering team with comments and suggestions to follow the sketch more closely. 


ROUND 4: The rendering in this round came out really well. There were still some suggestions from the medical team that needed to be incorporated to make the imagery more accurate. 


FINAL ROUND: After receiving the final render from the 3D team, the color was then adjusted and some minor tweaks were made to the lighting. The concept was then presented to the client along with other concepts for this unbranded campaign.